Welcome to Philadelphia Elementary

2014 - 2015 School Year


It's Great to Be A Tornado!  



PES Student Pledge


I will act in such a way

that I will be proud of myself,

 and others will be proud of me, too.


 I came to school to learn,

and I will learn.


I will be safe, responsible, and respectful

in all that I do today.


I will make it a good day!







Winter Dress Code...

As the weather is cooling off, I know many will begin to purchase jackets and sweatshirts.  Below are the dress code requirements regarding jackets and sweatshirts.  Please keep the following in mind when purchasing jackets and sweatshirts:

According to our handbook "All lightweight jackets and or windbreakers must be a solid school approved color, i.e. RED, WHITE, BLACK, BROWN or GREY.  The jackets may have accents or trim in a solid school color only.  All heavy jackets/coats must be a solid color.  The jackets must be free of accents, patches, large logos, etc."  Jackets that do not meet this dress code will not be allowed to be worn at school.  Students may wear sweatshirts to school, but they must also meet dress code.  The handbook states, "Sweatshirts or vests must be solid school colors.  A uniform shirt must be worn underneath the sweatshirt/vest.  Sweatshirts are not to be worn tied around the waist, shoulders, or other body parts.  Hooded sweatshirts may be worn but hoods may not be worn inside the school building."

Let's bundle up according to the handbook and stay warm this winter!